10 things you should know before starting the prep JEE ADVANCED 2021

Every engineering student’s ambition is to get accepted into one of the famous IITs. They do everything for their ambition of studying at IIT, from finding the appropriate advice to bolstering their preparation by enrolling in engineering tutoring. There are occasions, however, when students use the incorrect study techniques or develop a strategy that does not work in their favor. As a consequence, they stymie their progress, amass stress, and, as a result, their grade suffers.

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  1. Make a well-thought-out plan: Exams of this kind need a great deal of planning and preparation. You will be able to manage and distribute your resources more efficiently if you have a sound strategy in place. Not only should students study Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics for JEE Main 2022, but they should also take mock tests based on previous year’s JEE Main question papers. The aspirant may feel lost and confused if there is insufficient planning and preparation to go along with the curriculum. Self-study, coaching, leisure activities, and public transportation should be prioritized in the last year of preparation since the candidate begins preparing for the JEE Main in Class XI.
  • Hard work and smart study are a winning combination: There is no replacement for putting in the effort. For the national level entrance exam, however, you must mix hard study with smart work. Make a list of the most important chapters in the curriculum and focus all of your efforts on mastering those chapters first so you can prepare effectively. Also, save the lesser priority chapters for later. Apart from that, have a look at the mocks you’re doing. Examine which subjects are becoming better and which aren’t. Then develop a strategy ahead of time. This is how you may prepare for JEE Advanced effectively.
  • Specific techniques for each subject: In physics, starting with HC Verma is an excellent place to start. After that, move on to the IIT JEE questions. When it comes to chemistry, NCERT must be on your mind. Use NCERT to understand the basics and principles of math. As many previous year IIT JEE problems as you can, particularly the mathematics section.
  • Create Your Own Learning Methods: You are the most qualified to create your own techniques and practices for IIT JEE advanced preparation. Create a workable technique and put it into practice to fully comprehend each subject.
  • Invest in high-quality learning resources: The best study materials can aid you in achieving your goals. There are several study materials available, and most of them claim to be the best. Always choose the best and most trustworthy self-study resources, which you can do by performing an online search on the items you’re interested in. Former JEE candidates, as well as your seniors and instructors, may be able to help you.
  • Time management: Studying should be done with a goal in mind. You should be able to solve 100-120 problems in two hours if you are well-prepared. The importance of time management throughout the exam cannot be overstated. Taking practice exams will help you improve your time management and accuracy.
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  • It is said that practice makes perfect: You should go through as many previous year’s question papers and practice exams as you can. Furthermore, one should not overlook the practice examinations that are available on the official JEE Advanced website. These exams will assist candidates become acquainted with the exam’s Computer Based Test (CBT) format. Mock examinations are a great way to get used to the exam setting. Students should practice time management skills in addition to evaluating their concepts and expertise by attempting various mock test or the test series.
  • The most vital characteristic for success is patience: There will be times when you are late for appointments, don’t receive good scores, or forget important concepts during exams. At that moment, all you need is a pinch of patience to transform your success dish into a hit, my buddy. Try to stay cool and patient even if you make a mistake. This mindset of yours could also help you survive panic attacks and their consequences.
  • Keep a healthy lifestyle: During the last days of the exam, it is critical to maintain a proper sleep cycle. Students who have a propensity of staying up late studying should adjust their schedules to better fit with the exam schedule.

Have Faith in Yourself

Whatever the scenario, believing in oneself is what can propel someone to great heights. Whatever the case may be in this particular scenario, whatever your preparedness may be, always believe in yourself and go for it.

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